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New design for C128 and C64 version

first post: flash951 wrote: Hallo, I really liked your NC clone, only one I found that also wor...

Still help needed?

first post: StefanBoth wrote: If you still need help, please contact me. Stefan

latest post: klokwirk wrote: thanks plbyrd, I know that the PET is very sensitive to memory l...

Reserved characters

first post: DuncanTwain wrote: Hi,I'm transferring files from floppy to sd2iec using cbm-command. ...

latest post: DuncanTwain wrote: I see your points. Maybe a switch could be an option? Otherwise tra...

Help Wanted

first post: Cyberdrifter wrote: Hi there,I'm writing a newsbulletin for the Dutch Commodore Communi...

latest post: plbyrd wrote: I would be happy to work with you on the project. We will need to ...

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